In every industry, franchise owners say that training is a key deciding factor when choosing to buy a franchise, as opposed to going at it on their own. Friendly Computers provides you with the comprehensive training you need to start and become a successful franchise owner. You’ll receive the knowledge necessary to stay in the forefront of one of the most rapidly changing industries.

From orientation to graduation, you’ll learn everything it takes to run a successful business. From hiring techniques to bookkeeping skills, the knowledge you acquire from Friendly Computers sets you ahead of the pack and prepares you for every situation a small business owner faces.

But your training doesn’t stop there. Every month, you’ll have the opportunity to attend and participate in monthly conference calls, periodic marketing and procedural roundtables, and unlimited support from the staff of the corporate office.

Technology is always evolving. Friendly Computers is committed to staying one step ahead, and to bringing you the best there is to offer in helping you to attain your goals.