Franchise Fee$25,000Big Ls
Initial Advertising and Marketing (3-Months)$10,000Google AdWords
Travel and Living Expenses While In Training$1,500 +/-Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants
Vehicle$6,5001 to $20,9802,3+/-Dealership
Retail Fees, Permits, Licenses, Insurance$4,000 +/-Various Vendors
Leasehold Improvements$9,610 to $20,000Various Vendors
Lease Payments$3,000 to $5,000Landlord
Service Center Package A$23,0004Various Vendors
Local Advertising$5,000 to $10,000Various Vendors
Additional Funds$30,000Stays In Your Bank
Total Investment$111,110 to $144,980

We recommend having cash or credit lines totaling $20,000 as a reserve for emergencies or cash shortfalls in your early months of business.

1Includes $3,500 down payment + $3,000 for vehicle wrap for finance or lease O.A.C.

2Total includes cost of vehicle and wrap but does not include tax, title and license.

3Vehicle, as listed in our FDD, is an optional investment. Should you decide to acquire a vehicle, your Weekly Royalty would drop from 8% to 6%.

4Includes signage, inventory, furniture, fixtures, work benches... etc.

Weekly Royalty 8%

  • Ongoing Toll Free Technical Support Hotline
  • Ongoing Toll Free Business Coaching
  • Ongoing Toll Free Marketing Department
  • National Accounts
  • Continually Updated Manuals
  • Affiliations for Warranty Work
  • Monthly eMail Marketing Program
  • Franchisee Knowledge Board
  • Roundtables: Marketing, Technical, Human Resource . . . etc.
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Monthly Corporate Update Calls
  • Franchise Owner Site for Industry and Corporate Updates - Continually Updated
  • And More!


Once your franchise application is accepted and you're awarded a Friendly Computers franchise here's what we expect from you:

  • We want you to grow personally
  • Make more money
  • Work hard
  • Let us train you
  • Let us help you
  • Use our support tools
  • Help other people grow