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Build for the future – Invest in yourself

A business of your own may well be your best retirement plan. You can use your retirement funds as an initial business investment and build on them year after year.

After all, an investment in yourself is an investment you can believe in, with you in Control. You are the trustee of your own retirement account.

With this plan you are able to shelter more money than ever before for a greater potential return and continued income during retirement.

Business and Franchise Funding Plan

Our program is a self-directed retirement structure that permits individuals to actively invest their retirement funds into a business or franchise without taking a taxable distribution or incurring early withdrawal penalties.

Control of your retirement funds, giving you debt-free funding of a business or franchise.


  • Start your business without monthly payments or interest charges
  • Reduced over-head equals quicker profitability and positive cash-flow
  • Tax-deferred savings and compounding of your business growth
  • Increased ability to attract and retain quality employees with a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan
  • Maintain control of business funds to start, operate or expand your business plan
  • Maintain Retirement Plan control of retirement funds to maximize return
  • The business can reimburse your start up costs and business expense
  • Flexible exit and business transition strategies

Enjoy a debt-free startup of your franchise or business and increase your chances of success

Our Business and Franchising Funding Plan gives you more control by helping you avoid the debt associated with business loans freeing up cash flow.

Perhaps that’s why so many current and potential business owners prefer this approach to traditional financing.

The Business and Franchising Funding Plan can also be used in conjunction with traditional and SBA financing to help reduce the amount of your loan, and thereby reducing your monthly loan payments.

Why use IRA Rollover Solutions?

Work personally with experienced principals of the firm, ready to assist you through the complete, compliant funding process.

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